ePSORTdb Fields

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The following table lists all available ePSORTdb fields. Default fields displayed in results pages are in bold. Numerical fields are followed by a #.

Field name Description
GI # GI number of NCBI, primary identification key, unique to each protein
Swiss-Prot ID Swiss-Prot primary accession number of the protein
Protein name The name of the protein
Alternate protein name Alternative names of the protein
Gene name The name of the gene
Alternate gene name Alternative names of the gene
Organism Genus and species of the protein source organism
Taxonomy ID # NCBI taxonomy identifier of the source organism
Gram stain Gram classification of the source organism
Amino acid sequence Amino acid sequence of the protein
Sequence length Number of amino acids in the protein sequence
Experimental SCL(terse) Experimentally verified SCL (terse format)*
Experimental SCL (verbose) Experimentally verified SCL (verbose format)**
GO Accession ID Gene Ontology (GO) accession identifier
GO Accession Definition Gene Ontology (GO) accession definition
PubMed ID reference PubMed identifier of literature references
Reference title Title of literature reference books
ISBN number reference ISBN identifier of literature reference books
WWW reference Internet adress of www references
Reference comments Comments pertaining to literature references
References summary Concatenation of all reference fields (PubMed ID, title, ISBN number, WWW and comments)

*: strict SCL terminology as returned by PSORTb: Gram-negative: Cytoplasmic, CytoplasmicMembrane, Periplasmic, OuterMembrane and Extracellular Gram-positive: Cytoplasmic, CytoplasmicMembrane, Cellwall and Extracellular
**: e.g. Cell wall surface exposed (LPxTG motif) protein
#: numerical field

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